Play-Based Learning, Active Learning-Why Didn’t You Just Say So?!

If you work in education, you’ve probably read plenty of articles about the “Early Years Learning Framework” (EYLF) principles of early childhood pedagogy. Truthfully, I had to look up the word “pedagogy” and by definition it means, “the function or work of a teacher; teaching; the art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods.” Well then, WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY SO?!?!

Here’s the deal, there are plenty of “scholarly articles” that use big words and talk about why play-based or active learning works in the classroom, especially in early childhood development. 

While it’s always great to have scholars backing up what we know to be true with research and facts, let’s face it; we, as people who live and breathe and study and learn already understand from our own everyday experience that if we want to retain something we need to actively participate in it to know more about it.

Do people toss out instructions before they build things? Yes, they want to learn by doing. Did you learn more from your history lesson in grade school when your teacher made you wear a paper-plate curled up hat and made you “act” as Ben Franklin than you did when you had to just read it in a book or hear it in a lecture? Of course you did.

So let’s say it like it is we KNOW play-based or active learning works, for all people, on all levels so let’s do it!

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