Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away!

Beat the Rainy- and Snowy-Day Blues by Enjoying Some Free Activities From Anytime Drama!

Rainy Day Fun:

Pretend the raindrops are magic and each time a new drop hits you, you grow bigger and bigger until you are a giant. Walk like a giant, talk like a giant, shake hands with other giants.

Scatter around the area and become an animal from the Rain Forest.

o   Are you an Anteater, who eats ants and other insects?

o   Are you a blue Morpho Butterfly that eats fruit from the floor of the rainforest?

o   Are you a Green Anaconda Snake, who is an excellent swimmer?

o   Are you a Howler Monkey who uses their loud voice to let enemy monkeys know where they are?

Find more information about rainforest animals by visiting our friends at: http://www.activewild.com/rainforest-animals-list/ 

Cloudy Day Fun:

Grab a pad of paper and a crayon and draw the pictures you see in the clouds. Do you see an elephant? A race car? An ice cream cone? Can you add the first letter of each of you pictures to the drawing?

Windy Day Fun:

You are a kite with a colorful tail (scarfs). What kind of kite are you? Are you shaped like an animal? What color of kite are you? Do you move quickly or slowly in the wind? Do you move straight or do you wiggle around in the wind? Where are you flying to?

You are on an island of friendly giants. When the giants breathe you can feel their breath on your face and blowing in your hair. Is the giant’s breath stinky? What do you think they had for lunch? Is the giant blowing softly or really, really hard?  Are they blowing so hard you might fall over? Can you run away from the giant’s breath or does it just follow you around?

Explore more fun with the outdoors using Anytime Drama’s “Weather” and “Seasons” themes by visiting www.anytimedrama.com.