Fall Curriculum Will Have Students Moo-ing, Baa-ing and Clucking All the Way to the Farm and Back Again!

Bring the farm right into your classroom with great fall-themed curriculum from Anytime Drama™. Go apple picking, jump on a wagon ride or roll in the mud with pigs! These activities are not only a blast for the kids, but they help educators achieve all their skill-set goals as well.

Enjoy a classroom hoedown, have fun with farm chores, lead ducklings to their pond, make apples and pumpkins to use as props in a hayride–in fact, enjoy twenty-three different activities with your students with this one theme! And, this curriculum is more than just fun, it’s so comprehensive that you’ll build everything from social-and-emotional skills to confidence and teamwork skills, to literacy and communication skills, to gross and fine motor skills and so much more! Children will also benefit from the lessons in Spanish, American Sign Language, music, and art that are a part of every Anytime Drama package.

There’s nothing quite as special as children’s giggles when their teacher encourages them to roll around in the mud with pigs or to milk a cow with gusto–so try it, you’ll love it!

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Hay Ride