Summer Camps Can Shape Your Business

Summer camps can draw additional kids to your business, so why not add one to your list of “gotta haves” this summer? It’s tough to find summer camp curriculum that has it all: appeal to both boys and girls, attraction to multiple age groups so siblings can be together, ease for teachers to use, music, art, drama, and a performance day for parents. We know, we’ve been there and we have the answers for you.

Zoo Play 1

Animals Galore! is a summer camp prepared by Anytime Drama™ that appeals to both boys and girls ages 5-11. This five-day, three-hour camp, with a last day performance for parents and friends, is sure to make all children ROAR with excitement!

From pets, ocean, zoo, farm and extinct animals to animals that perform circus tricks, boys and girls alike will love participating in the daily imagination-focused improvisational exercises that are just as educational as they are fun. And, an easy-to-follow teacher guide will make this camp the one all teachers will go back to year-after-year.

You can make your center a standout from all the others by adding a summer camp like “Animals Galore!” to your camp curriculum. Just click here to make a dramatic difference in children’s lives and make your camp the highlight of all summer camps for children, parents and teachers alike!

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