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About Us

Anytime Drama™ was developed by two intuitive mothers, Juli Shively and Angie LeRoy, who have backgrounds in drama, creative and technical writing as well as the development and implementation of STEAM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Mathematics) aligned programs for young people. Having seen firsthand the positive effects drama can have on children and the learning potential it provides to them, these mothers set out to create a program designed to enrich the lives of children while helping educational institutions increase their overall marketability and fulfill their developmental needs.

Juli Shively, Empress of All Things Make Believe, has a long history as an entrepreneur and architect of student programming with a focus on developing critical thinking skills, empowering students through real-world learning, drama activities and STEAM aligned programs.

Juli owned/operated a Drama Kids franchise in Columbus Ohio for 7 years, was a part of the Ohio Invention Convention (now known as Invention League) for 18 years and assisted the STEMIE Coalition in the development of the National Invention Convention which now resides with The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

In addition to her role with the Anytime Drama program, Juli is the Founder of Innovation World and the Co-Founder of the Global Innovation Field Trip, both programs designed to celebrate, promote and support youth innovation worldwide.

Angela LeRoy, Goddess of Magical Play, is a screenwriter, a former drama teacher of Drama Kids of Columbus, Inc., AL’s Acting and Improv and French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Camp in New York, brings to the table a background in Theatre Arts and Public Relations with respective degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

Angie has been championing STEAM education in schools for years and understands what it takes to incorporate the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning into the classroom. She has cultivated her teaching abilities and life-skills by coaching, captaining, teaching and choreographing in a multitude of different areas including: drama, dance, voice, figure skating, swimming and color guard throughout middle school, high school, college and beyond.

In addition, Angie has worked in the marketing and sales, entertainment and promotions, and the community, guest and media relations departments for various sports teams, video production companies and marketing companies including: Mills/James Productions, the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL), the Columbus Destroyers (AFL), the Lipton Championships (ATP and WTA Tour), the Florida Panthers (NHL), the Florida Bobcats (AFL), the Miami Dolphins (NFL), the Doral-Ryder Open (PGA Tour), Market America and Southeast Marketing.

Eryn Emery Hollobaugh, Maestro of Magical Melodies, a musical protégé, educator, photographer, actress and a Graphic Design graduate of Full Sail University, has composed and performed dozens upon dozens of songs on both a personal and competitive level! Fluent in piano and composing a song the first day she learned how to play guitar, Eryn is beyond talented and self-motivated when it comes to learning.

Eryn’s beautiful voice and musical creativity can be heard throughout Anytime Drama’s 90 original songs and we are honored to have her on our creative team. Whether performing at coffee shops, singing competitions, recitals or in musicals, she knows what it’s like not only to sing – but to perform. Eryn is a singer/dancer at Universal Beijing Resort.

Gerrilyn (Gerri) Shively, MBA, Duchess of All Things Imperial, is a graduate of Ohio University and has been a creative resource for Anytime Drama™. She began acting at age 5 and has years of vocal training, was active role in the arts, participating in high school and college choir and theatre.

Gerri generously assisted in the writing of lyrics, the delivery of beautiful songs, the creation of the Art & Drama Extension projects and has been a social media contributor. We appreciate Gerri’s creativity and look forward to her future contributions!

Michele Brown, Wizard of the Web, is our web developer extraordinaire and technical support guru. With Michele as part of our team, we can do Magical things!