Testing, Requirements, Standards, Scores–Boring Curriculum, Stressful Outcomes–it’s Just Too Much!

Let’s get right down to it; teachers need curriculum that covers the gamut. Curriculum that SINGS, DANCES, SIZZLES and STICKS!  It’s hard to find something that covers skill sets and standards, improves scores AND is fun to teach and learn. Anytime Drama is one of the few curriculums that does it all from preschool through high school!

Those of us who have worked with children for years understand the benefits of active learning in the classroom. Right now, hundreds of educators in New York City are attending workshops for the musical, “Hamilton,” to learn how to incorporate active learning lessons in history, immigration and diversity into their classrooms.

At the same time, colleges all over the world are adding “active learning” classrooms into their schools. Arizona State, The University of Minnesota, Seattle Pacific University and McGill University are all among the top schools teaching students in active learning environments–and boy is it working!

According to Bina Vanmali, Instructional Specialist and Faculty at Arizona State University, “We know active learning really does improve a student’s understanding and retention of the material. (With active learning) they can recall it two or three years later, whereas, when they sit passively in the lecture hall, we’re lucky if they remember it for the final exam!”

She goes on to say, “It’s a different world that we’re stepping into and preparing our students for today and an active-learning environment is actually better because it supports them in moving towards that new world.”

From preschool to high school, we have always known that children retain better by actively participating, but professors and students now agree that using an active learning classroom will increase expectations, creativity, and engagement too! Instead of just memorizing concepts, active learning will teach students how to think. Adding the Anytime Drama curriculum into your classroom routine is an invaluable and inexpensive way to exceed classroom expectations; give it a try today!!

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