Teen Guide to a Modern Day Murder Mystery - Download

Fun murder mystery party for teens!
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A murder mystery can be a great way to entertain a small or large group of people.  This murder mystery is designed for up to 30 participants and 1 host/hostess, who will act as the Facilitator. You can easily add more roles or eliminate roles to fit your group size. 30 fun character descriptions as well as prop ideas have been provided for you.  Sample characters:

Math Geek – You have super special powers when it comes to solving even the most complex math problems.

What we don’t know: You think you are a superhero! You feel you are keeping the world safe using your incredible super powers. You believe the simplest human characteristics are super powers (i.e. eyesight, ability to hear, ability to feel, etc.). You do not consider the fact that everyone else has the same abilities. You are hoping you might be able to ID a new sidekick at this event.

Cheerleader – After two years of hard work you finally made the varsity cheer squad.

What we don’t know: You pretend to get along with everyone, but secretly you are on the hunt for Zombies amongst your fellow students and school administration! You know they are out there – you’ve seen all the movies. You might even find a couple of new recruits at this party to help with Zombie identification and isolation.

Lead Singer in a popular garage band. – You are the lead singer for a local band called Truckin‘ Out. You are beginning your second tour on summer break.

What we don’t know: Up until about nine months ago your voice was unwavering. But something has happened and your voice had become more strained and less consistent. The doctors can’t explain it and it seems hopeless. You had to lip sync every concert of your 1st first tour and you are hoping you can pull it off through the next tour.

This murder mystery is set in modern times and does not require a script, extensive plot development or elaborate set up.  Optionally, you may host your murder mystery based on a different historical time frame by changing the attire, language, customs of the day, etc.  This document will guide you through the minimal decisions you need to make and through the steps you need to take to pull off a great murder mystery for your group! Includes: sample invitations, character descriptions and suggested props, award ballots and certificates and full facilitator and participant instructions!

Get your Teen Guide to a Modern Day Murder Mystery and throw a murder mystery party your friends will be talking about for a long time to come!

This guide is available as a download. A download link will be provided to you via email once order verified and payment has been processed.