The Most Fun Games You Can Play in the Classroom Are Drama Games!

What are the most fun games you can play in the classroom? Drama games of course! But did you know that children earn valuable life skills while participating in these fun activities as well? And the best part is, they have no idea they are learning anything, they just know these games are tons of fun!

If you’ve ever seen an episode of, “Whose Line is it Anyway?” or seen a great improv troop perform, then you know these people have the ability to “think on their feet” and can handle any situation that comes their way. This is just one of the assets drama games bring to the classroom.

Whether it’s using memorization skills to ace a test, teamwork to win a game, creativity to win a contest or confidence to land a future job, participating in drama games will equip children of all ages with important life skills that can help them conquer all their future endeavors.

Drama games are all about active learning and research shows that children retain more and conceptualize better by actively participating in activities – as opposed to passively watching things happen. But let’s face it, this is no secret – we all know that we remember more and understand concepts better by actively participating in something as opposed to watching something happen.

So let’s get with it. Challenge yourself to bring drama games into the classroom to teach whatever skill set you’re trying to achieve. There are lots of great books out there to help you make it happen or you can visit our products page where all the work is done for you! And remember, drama games are the most educational and the most fun games you can play within the classroom!

Drama Club Equals Success in School and in Life – Start Yours Today!

Drama Clubs are where the fun is! I’ve been teaching drama for years and there’s one thing I’ve learned, kids love drama and drama loves kids!

Drama loves kids so much it teaches them how to build incredible life-skills like confidence, self-esteem, communication and literacy skills, social and emotional aptitude, team-building skills and many other proficiencies that can give children the edge they need to excel in school and in life. And the best part is…drama is fun!

So how do you create a drama club in your child’s school? You simply announce it and they will come! Any time I do a drama enrichment class, the class fills up before any others. The truth is, children love drama and want more of it and teachers and parents who understand the skill sets their children gain from participating in drama – want it too.

Drama is not just about acting in a play, there’s much more to it than that. Any great actor will tell you that they went through years of acting classes in order to perfect their craft. So how do you get them there? It’s really pretty simple; there are tons of books on the subject. And the subject to look up is “drama games” or “improvisational games for kids.”

These books make it easy-to-facilitate a drama club and the kids will have so much fun with it! You can keep it simple by just hosting fun, improvisational game-time once a month, or go on to help the children host a performance for the school.

If your children are Pre-K or K-Primary students, you can easily find the curriculum to get your started at our web site and if your children are older, here are some of the books we recommend to get you started. Theater Games for Rehearsal by Viola Spolin, Acting Games by Marsh Cassady, Improv Comedy by Andy Goldberg, and Truth in Comedy by Charna Halpern, Del Close and Kim “Howard” Johnson.

So start a drama club at your children’s school, then visit our site and tell us about it. We’re happy to help with anything you need because we know how much drama will help your children grow and how much they will love it! So go ahead, announce your drama club and watch how fast they’ll come!

Circle Time, Schmerkle Time!

Circle time is meant to be fun, so why does it seem to be such a difficult task at times? In part, because keeping a group of young children engaged and happy while learning is simply that – difficult! 

So when you find curriculum activities that fit into circle time, meet NAEYC and Common Core standards and make both you and your students excited to participate in them, you’ve found what I refer to as, “schmerkle time!” Simply defined as, time for you – as a teacher – not to think about what you’re doing and how to do it, but just to do it, knowing it will meet all your needs and let you actually enjoy the activity along with the kids!

The Anytime Drama curriculum has over 500 active learning activities that you can use to give you some well-deserved “schmerkle time.” So check it out and let us know how you feel when you get to have a little “schmerkle time” built into your circle time as well!

The Importance of Drama – it’s All Drama, Drama, Drama!

Let’s talk for a moment about the importance of drama in the classroom. I’m not talking about the added “drama, drama, drama,” bonus we all know as – children who act out and draw attention to themselves in a negative way – but drama as in acting, imagining and growing in a positive way.

Did you know that when children “act out” activities they gain well-needed skill sets? Sometimes they even gain all the required skill sets of the day in just one activity! It’s true. Go ahead and try the following activity so you can add drama – the good kind – to your curriculum.

Activity: Ask the children, all at once, to act like their favorite animals. Encourage them to move and “speak” like their animals would. After a few moments, have them sit and ask them random questions about their animals like, “What color is your animal?” and “Where does your animal live?” This will encourage them all to act and speak in front of the group without feeling intimidated.

Importance: This single activity promotes many required skill sets including: gross and fine motor skills, language development and communication skills, social and emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, creative expression and appreciation of the arts, to name just a few.

By adding drama or “active learning” techniques to any themes in your current curriculum, you can gain three to four times as many skill sets within your activities than if you just execute them as is. It’s amazing what you can do with some added creativity and imagination.

If you’re looking for a place where the importance of drama is understood and the work is done for you, just go to and join in on the fun!

Spring, Recycling, Earth Day Curriculum

How do parents expect you to teach their children about protecting the environment if you can’t find ideas to get you there? If you’re looking for curriculum covering topics like recycling, global warming and protecting the environment, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Anytime Drama has thirty themes, each containing twenty-to-thirty active learning, creative activities for children ages eighteen months through K-Primary. From “Beautiful Junk” (reduce, reuse, recycle) and “Protecting Our World” (conservation and extinction) to “Seasons,” “Weather” and everything in-between, you’ll find this curriculum to be both educational (aligning with NAEYC and Common Core) and fun.

Use your state grants to add creative, educational themes to your current curriculum offerings by going to You can also make parents swoon by adding an adorable, environmental play to any concert, recital or parent’s day performance. “The Crabby Crawdad” is a teacher-narrated play even the youngest children will have fun participating in and is the most affordable fun you’ll have in your classroom all year!

So give the environment a fighting chance and let Anytime Drama help you get the children excited about recycling and conservation. Take it from a parent whose five-year old yells out, “You have to recycle that!” any chance he gets, parents will be more than impressed with your curriculum choices.

Unique Curriculum, Unique Themes

Having a tough time finding unique curriculum? What about unique themes? Do you want to know why you’re having a hard time finding them? Because very little exists! In developing curriculum for children ages 18 months through K-Primary, we found there are some very “fun” packages available; however, fun does not always equal educational or unique!

Finding curriculum that has variance, is educational, and fresh seems nearly impossible sometimes. And themes like “recycling,” “worldwide holidays” and “protecting the environment” are almost nonexistent for this age group!

At Anytime Drama™, we work hard to meet all these needs and make our curriculum all about being “active” as well! Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for sitting and observing, but research proves that when we learn in an “active, hands-on” environment, magic happens!

Meeting both the standards of NAEYC and Common Core, we know that you can have it all – you can have the cake and eat it too, shoot to the moon and back – and have teachers, students and parents talking about your school and the great curriculum you bring to them each day!

Take a moment to check out these thirty unique themes and forget about spending hours looking for unique curriculum, we already did that for you – so go get your hair done or ride a bike for fun – you deserve it!

Cool Games Make Education Fun!

Did you know children can gain valuable skill sets while playing cool games in the classroom? Whether you call them drama games, transition activities, circle exercises or active learning techniques, they are all just really fun, cool games you can add to your curriculum to make it just as educational as it is fun!

Here are a couple of easy, cool games for you to try adding to your program and a list of skills children achieve by participation in them.

Put Your Hands in the Circle: Have children sit in a circle and say to them, “Put your hands in the circle if you like…” and end the sentence with any word you want. You can make it theme related or name something specific like “broccoli” (topic: healthy foods). You can point to a child randomly after you say the introduction phrase and let them think of the item to share or go around the circle until all have had a turn saying an item name. If you want them to be more “active” with the game, you can have them “Hop in the circle if you like beans, etc.,” and see how much fun they have!

Skills Achieved: Gross Motor Skills, Language Development, Social Development, Creative Expression and Appreciation of the Arts, Listening and Following Skills.

What am I Doing?: Teacher acts out (mimes) things that are related to the current theme, or activities common to the classroom or home and asks children to guess what he/she is doing. Teacher may whisper an activity to a child to mime as well, until all children have had a chance to act. This is a good way to teach children the proper way to use their manners or to teach them routines they should accomplish in the classroom, like cleaning stations or putting things away. In fact, acting things out, as opposed to just telling children what to do, can lead to a better overall retention level in the classroom as a whole.

Skills Achieved: Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Social and Emotional Development, Creative Expression and Appreciation of the Arts, Life Skills, Cognitive Development, Observation Skills and Physical Development.

Good luck and have fun with these activities. You’ll be astonished with the results you’ll get from your students! And if you’re looking for more cool games where the work is done for you, just go to and join in on the fun!

Summer Camps Can Shape Your Business

Summer camps can draw additional kids to your business, so why not add one to your list of “gotta haves” this summer? It’s tough to find summer camp curriculum that has it all: appeal to both boys and girls, attraction to multiple age groups so siblings can be together, ease for teachers to use, music, art, drama, and a performance day for parents. We know, we’ve been there and we have the answers for you.

Animals Galore! is a summer camp prepared by Anytime Drama™ that appeals to both boys and girls ages 5-11. This five-day, three-hour camp, with a last day performance for parents and friends, is sure to make all children ROAR with excitement!

From pets, ocean, zoo, farm and extinct animals to animals that perform circus tricks, boys and girls alike will love participating in the daily imagination-focused improvisational exercises that are just as educational as they are fun. And, an easy-to-follow teacher guide will make this camp the one all teachers will go back to year-after-year.

You can make your center a standout from all the others by adding a summer camp like “Animals Galore!” to your camp curriculum. Just go to to make a dramatic difference in children’s lives and make your camp the highlight of all summer camps for children, parents and teachers alike!

Preschool Songs Can Be Just as Educational as They Are Fun!

So how hard is it to create preschool songs that are both educational and fun? Well, if you ask one of us at Anytime Drama™, we’d probably say, “It’s not so bad.” But then we’d think back to our many challenges in creating music that kids will both love and learn from and we might say something more like, “It’s doable.” Truth-be-told, we did have a blast creating the 65 original songs in our curriculum, despite the challenges. And what an accomplishment it is to have children dance, sing, act and smile to something you’ve created! 

Throughout our research, we’ve learned again-and-again that children retain more information through active learning, so it’s only natural that children retain massive amounts of information by performing in the art of music and dance. So when you look for preschool songs for your classroom, listen for ones that are educational and more challenging than you think your children can handle, play them for your kids and watch the magic unfold. I bet they’ll know most of the words to the songs by the third time they hear them through. And the best part, they’ll be learning while they have fun too!

At Anytime Drama, we have worked hard to make our preschool songs be both educational and fun so you don’t have to. Just go,, listen to the preschool songs, and then, let your kids have fun without even knowing they’re learning!

Drama Games for Kids Can Enhance Retention

Common sense tells us that actively participating in something leads to better retention than passively watching someone else complete the same task. Drama games for kids are dual-purpose exercises that engage children in active learning activities that also meet required standards.

And, did you know that there are places you can go to prove it? In creating the Anytime Drama curriculum, we discovered a whole world of research about active learning and how it’s proven to raise grade levels and enhance social skills as well.

So, if you’re wondering how to talk to parents or other educators about active learning or simply looking for curriculum to help you get there, here are some helpful places to look.

Evidence-Based Research:

Curriculum and Active Learning Ideas:

So go ahead and let the kids do what they normally do – move! Find drama games for kids to participate in and you’ll not only be the teacher your students brag about, but the teacher parents and administrators love too!