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Children’s Drama or Dramatic Children?

Children’s drama or dramatic children? Sometimes I don’t know which one I’m teaching! Like most classrooms, drama classrooms can be filled with all types of children, shy ones, loud ones and especially, dramatic ones! Those who like the theatre; usually love to perform and perform for me they do!

The easiest way to keep children from causing too much “unwanted” drama in a classroom is to distract them. Often times I need to change the subject in order to keep kids on track. Asking the child who is distracting others a question is a good way to shift away from unwanted drama. Try asking a silly question, for example, if you’re talking about penguins you may want to say something like, “There was a penguin eating lunch with you today, what did he say to you?” Children all the way through elementary school love answering silly questions so this is a great distraction when you need it!

Another way to curb unwanted dramatic classroom interruptions is to have a “clam down” sound. Many teachers use a rhythmic clap the children recognize and echo back to them as a sign that it’s time to “settle down.” This works great! I like to use the word “freeze” and make the children “freeze” in place. For younger children, I place a sticker on the child with the best freeze each time they freeze so they all strive for “frozen” perfection.

There will always be drama in a classroom – good and bad – and techniques to curb children’s enthusiasm are always evolving, but the next time you are trying to choose between children’s drama or dramatic children, try using the Anytime Drama curriculum and our unique “Questions of the Day” to get you there, and “happy” dramatic children to you all!