Hallway Shorts

Hallway Shorts are supplemental, enriching activities for your theme-based curriculum. Sometimes teachers need ways to keep their students busy when they move from place-to-place so why not do it in a structured and fun way? Hallway Shorts help teachers fulfill specific skill-set needs and enhance lesson plans in fun and inventive ways.

Art and Drama Extensions

Art and Drama Extensions are additional suggestions provided for teachers to enhance the curriculum for a particular theme. Whether it’s an arts-and-crafts project or a theme-based enrichment activity, Anytime Drama™ includes enriching ideas for further education in this portion of the document.

Recommended Reading

Taking books to a whole new level is what the Recommended Reading activities are all about. Children will gain a basic understanding of storytelling and will enhance memorization skills while participating in dramatizing their favorite stories.  As with other activities within the curriculum, children will develop a vast number of skills including; fine and gross motor skills, language and communication skills and emotional skills, while learning how to adapt these concepts to daily activities they perform both at school and at home. 


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Hallway Shorts

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Art and Drama Extension